Split up image builder steps for CI jobs

I'm trying to get my CI tool to compile my images, however much to my irritation, the CI tool doesn't support multiple threads, just multiple "jobs".

Does anyone know if the image building system is able to pre-build certain components with a make (like the tools, packages, and toolchain), then in a subsequent make call run the full build job and use artifacts from the pre-build to speed up the process?


You are talking about the imagebuilder that builds images from prebuilt binaries or do you mean the image build process within the openwrt buildroot?

@juppin, I've been concentrating on the image build process in the buildroot because that means I don't have to depend on the pre-built binaries.

But yea, I think the two might be connected, essentially if there was a way to build the binaries locally, then use the built binaries to make the final image, that would probably do the trick.