Speedtest package

Hi the speedtest package is 10.5 mb and I don't have enought space to run it on my openwrt , any option to make storage bigger on openwrt so i can upload this backage? Thanks

USB port, if your device got one.

you could try https://github.com/luizluca/speedtest-shell too.

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If you're strapped for space, speedtestpp clocks in at roughly 66 kB installed.

(My line is particularly sluggish today.)

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Depending on your architecture, you could scp the official speedtest.net CLI utility (if its available) - it appears to be much less than 10.5 MB.

I installed package but I can't see the interface , i need to install another package?

speedtestpp is a command line utility, you need to SSH into the router to use it.

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Ok i did SSH what is the command to write there?)

@takimata posted a screen shot of it ?

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How to make SSH from a puplic ip ? Connection refused

how is this related to your initial question ?

yes, firewalls have a tendency to do that, shame on them.


That's actually already more elaborate than necessary. A simple speedtest is enough.

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I installed package you said , but because I'm in other location i need to do SSH through puplic IP can you tell me steps to do SSH remotely ?

What part of "blocked by firewall" is tricky to understand?

If you're remote, how did you install it ?
Or did someone do it for you ?

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I can acces to router by the port 80 from a puplic ip address. But i was trying to do SSH by using this puplic ip it says connection refused but i used to succeed doing SSH localy. ,,,,, i want to do SSh remotely , do you know how i can do this?)

I have access to router remotely

You can't, if your ISP blocks it, but there's a luci package for running cli commands via luci, find it, and install it.

Or you haven't done your home work with the firewall.

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Then you're already connected thru its Public IP - simply run the command.

Then you'd additionally configure your router for access on the other ports you desire.

I have AT command on my router. , what is the command line for doing speedtest? I installed package speedtestpp


Are you having an issue running this command?

I just did port forwarding for SSH port and now it works simple) and i did SSH by ( puplic ip, port) and i manged to access router by command line. And did speedtest