Speedtest.net Single thread test slow download on 5Ghz wifi, but using Vbox VM single thread test are fast

Hello Guys,

I have 5 client PC's ranging from Linux to Windows 10 PRO. When I do a single thread test on Speedtest.net over wifi 5Ghz, the result on download is slow. But if I use a virtualbox VM windows 10 guest and do speedtest.net single thread test the download speed is fast. VM is using bridge mode on wifi.

Any ideas on how I can fix this please?

Thank you

I get the same results using the following routers:
WRT1900acs(latest openwrt firmware) and ZTE H268a(stock firmware) router.

Multi thread test are great, it's just the Single thread test on client pc is slow.

If I use ethernet cable single thread tests are great. Somehow it has something to do with the wifi.

Intel 7260ac wifi on some clients, surface laptop

Figured it out I reinstall the wifi drivers and it's all good :smiley:

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