Speed test: Bad ISP or Router issues?

Netgear R6260, OpenWrt 21.02.3 r16554-1d4dea6d4f

Here are the screenshots of a Cloudflare speed test on a Gigabit Ethernet port. It seems that the speed ramps up as the download size increases. And, there are few weird dips in the graph. The final speeds are as expected for both upload and download.

This test is repeatable and shows the same weirdness but slower due to WiFi in the third image. What is going on?

To be clear...what weirdness?

All I see is that you don't even get 100 Mbps upload on a 1 Gbps connection. I realize now, you provide no details on your true ISP connection speed.

I think it is pretty much standard operating procedure for TCP data to drop, reset and start over and so on. Which us pretty much exactly what your curve shows.

There are great videos for this on the youtube that describes TCP communication.

To get high speed for small download size is kind of standard operating procedure also.

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Speed significantly changes with the data block size. Also there are dips in the graph where speed drops.

I understand that each packet may take a different route but I thought that the dips were weird. There should not be so much difference. I guess I believed in Cloudflare hype.

Contract is for 600 Mpbs down 20 Mbps up. The final speeds are as expected for both upload and download with overhead etc. Nothing wrong with that. BTW there was no other major traffic in my home network while running the test.

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@flygarn12 I thought my results show exactly reverse. I get faster speed for bigger block size.

R6260 has a MT7621 chip. It's really not fast enough for this ISP speed. You're probably running out of CPU on the small packets since that is a high number of packets per second.

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