Speed Fluctuation Problem!

I'd advise allowing more time for users to read all the posts you've made in numerous, unrelated posts.

TBH, I'm still reading and trying to understand your many unrelated posts, as you claim your issue is related to all of them.

This is one reason not to cross-post.

Are you running a custom image?

I recall you made a post about removing packages from images.

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I don't use any special version. I used and tested Oficiall version or rc versions. The results did not change. The issue you were talking about was about another issue.

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To be clear, is this issue only with your Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 WiFi-based laptop?

Since Wnidows 7 was the OS that device was designed for,
while I am finding issues in web searches - in 2023 I'm not sure they're related. I have also seen some *nix and BSD discussion about the issue.

Have you found any [2023] references?

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The Intel Centrino wireless of that era gave me issues on some routers no matter how many different drivers and router firmware/settings were tried.

Only solution was to give and use something else. In one instance that was an Ethernet connection to an old cheap router (DIR-615) running DD-WRT acting as a bridge to the main wireless network.


No, this problem also occurs on my brother's Asus laptop. The weird thing is, when I go back to stock rom, there are no problems.

So far, I have not had any problems with my wifi card, nor do I have any problems with my current TPlink ax1800 device, which does not have openwrt installed.

Another (this time the OP says it's the same issue):


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In order to assist:

OK, so now it is relevant to review another thread where you mention this other WiFi chip (i.e. a confusing cross-post).

  • Please provide the make/model of the WiFi chip
  • It may also be helpful to know the OS it's running

I'm starting to think you have a lot of WiFi 3 and 4 devices on your network.

Agreed; but it's not shocking. The chip makers don't share a lot of detailed information about the devices with Open Source projects like OpenWrt.


I'm curious, do you have and 802.11b-only WiFi (WiFi 2) clients on your network?

Unless I've mistaken, the TP Link is WiFi 6, the Xaomi is WiFi 4/5 - I didn't understand the comparison.

Also see: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/sku/66890/intel-centrino-advancedn-6235-dual-band/specifications.html

What OS is the Centrino Advanced-N 6235 device running?

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The chip of my wi-fi card is Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235, Dual Band (2g/5g Supports speeds up to 300 mbps). My os is Windows 10 64bit. There are iphone11 /iphone8plus/xiaomi redmi 9/lenovo new generation tablets in my network. All of them are devices that support high speeds. However, when I turn off the network connections of all of them and test them, the result does not change, the problem continues.

there is no device with 802.11-b-only infrastructure on my network. As I said above, all devices are new generation (I have an old generation laptop with n6235 wi-fi chip)

I wrote about TP-link just to point out that I have no problems with it. I would also like to point out again that I do not have any problems when I install the stock ROM on my Xiaomi 4a gigabit edition device.

So to be clear:

  • Are you expecting 300 Mbps - can you describe the fluctuations (I'm trying to obtain a 6235 for testing)?
  • There's no Asus laptop?

If there's a separate Asus laptop, still need to know the WiFi chip.

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I already get 300mbps speed in Wi-Fi network mode, there is no problem with that, the distance between me and the router is 1.5 meters and there is no wall in between. Fluctuation example; I start downloading a file at a speed of 13mb/sec, but 15-20 seconds after the file downloading process starts, my speed drops to 50-60kb/sec. Meanwhile, I cannot access anywhere, including the router. My wifi-router network connection is not disconnected, but it acts as if it was disconnected.

  • Asus laptop belongs to my brother, unfortunately I don't have it with me right now. I didn't look at the model etc. of that laptop, but it did not support 5G, it was only a 2.4GHz wifi device. Because at that moment I was so angry because of OpenWrt!

i dont know...

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wtih Openwrt;

@lleachii you can look images..

with stock rom;

i opened 5 nperf page and cpu usage test results;

While OpenWrt ( i did this test before 2-3 days )

while stock rom;

If you are done counting my topics, can you help me? I added every detail necessary to the topic!

OK, cool.

Can you clearly describe what's supposed to be seen in the nperf pictures and screenshots?

Is it possible that you can stop being rude to Pico?

Please respect the Forum rules to keep tidy and not cross-post.



@tsunami - What was the result of this test?

You only informed us the problems continued, but failed to provide the test results.


Also, were you able to test DBAA's solution - to see if the issue stopped?

Forget it, man. I'm tired, it's okay. No openwrt = no problem. Topic can be closed.

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Actually yes, this uses your OpenWrt AP. This test would ensure results that generally only test the WiFi chip (AP) and not tax the CPU (i.e. test if it's routing, or just a WiFi chip, etc. issue only).


I don't care what the problem is, thanks for your help.

my signature will be “no openwrt = = no problem”

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