Sophos XG 125 Rev 3 PCIe SSD Compatibility

Hello, I want to install 500gb ssd in this device. It has a sata m2 2242 ADATA 64GB ssd on it. I wanted to use the idle mini pcie and pcie x4 interfaces.

I bought two different adapters but both don't work. I think the pcie x4 interface is connected via USB in the sophos XG 125 model. For this reason, when I insert an NVME SSD, the device turns on but does not see the SSD. Likewise, I tried the ADATA SATA SSD, it doesn't see it either. Naturally, I gave up because I needed to use an adapter that uses the USB interface.

I hoped the mini pcie adapter I bought later would work, but it still didn't work. In fact, the device does not turn on at all when the adapter is plugged in, I can't even enter the bios menu. When I plug in the Atheros AR9287 wifi card to try, it boots and works fine, so there is no problem with the mini pcie interface.

When I test the mini pcie adapter by removing the wifi card of the laptop, the NVME SSD works fine. The speed is 150 MBps because pcie x1 and it's ok as it will already saturate the gigabit speed.

What can I do to run SSD in this case? Sophos doing a blocking in the bios? I tinkered with the bios and didn't see any issues.

i tested as you ... wireless card ok (many models) but no ssd, no pcie ethernet card recognized ...
Did you do another tests?

Hello, I gave up because there was no other combination I could try. I am planning to replace the 64gb sata ssd on it with a 1tb one. They probably blocked the PCIE ports with the bios.

yes .... will try some more things but there is no big hope.

How old is the Sophos platform and how old is the SSD?
Maybe some older SSD available that you could test?

Possible cause: There are different NVME protocol versions. If the BIOS on the Sophos was neglected by the vendor, a rather new NVME SSD might refuse to work in an older mainboard due to this. Have seen such a gap for proper NVME support in a regular (but cheap) consumer mainboard of 2018 with an SSD from 2022.

I know it is quite new, the bios is dated 2018. I don't have a different nvme ssd, I bought the ssd in the photo for this device. If I get my hands on an old nvme ssd in the future, I will try it. Thanks for your comment.