Some questions regarding Wireguard Interface


  • LAN
  • WAN
  • WIREGUARD (client)


  • LAN TO WAN forwarding --> disabled (Preventing IP leak)
  • LAN TO WIREGUARD forwarding --> enabled
  • A firewall rule only allowing a UDP connection to the vpn server on WAN side.
  • Automatic conntrack helper assignment is OFF for all interfaces
  • MSS Clamping is on for Wireguard interface but off for others.

1- Is there any reason to enable "Automatic conntrack helper assignment" keeping in mind I don't use those weird types of connections ever.

2- I don't need MSS Clamping on WAN interface since all it does is to connect to the VPN server over UDP. Or do I?

3- I've set br-lan device's MTU to 1420 to go together with Wireguard's default MTU and it works well. Should I do the same for WAN device?

4- Are these custom rules written correctly and put into the right place?(CUSTOM RULES tab on LUCI)

1 and 4. Those rules should already exist by default in OpenWrt if everything was setup thru the OpenWrt configs; but it seems you turned off various connection tracking by the addition of question 1.

2 and 3. I would refer you to the other threads you've already made on these topics (my apologies if you don't consider them the same - if so skip this and I'msure other can answer, I just think it's rude (of others) and untidy (of me) to keep repeating or expect others to, respectively)

Perhaps maybe you should clarify why you think answers change each time for 2 and 3 (without any information - which has occured before...maybe connection details)? :thinking:

It is unfortunate that you are berating @lleachii, who is very well respected and helpful contributor, as this frequently has the effect of making others think twice about helping those who behave this way.

Exactly what I was thinking about you.

  1. Here:

Yes I am 100% aware you mentioned UDP...and I asked you:

You i instead berated me - i have no clue why. I guess you respect no answer from anyone...or want an exact number or yes/no. You yourself berated be because you coild tweak theae vues. I noted yhat3this was commin on s
Connections in the US on dialup...and others.

Another member also told you the same thing.

Please instead of avtong like this...explain why you need to tweak the values in this sernario?

  1. Here:

Also, im not sure if you agreedor disagreed those 1 and 2 rules existed. I asl because - perbaps youre making customs firewalls chains or some custom firmware?

That's why I asked you.


You'd probally poison it. :skull_and_crossbones:

Beer, crypto, thanks, silence, respect maybe.

Defnatly done responding until I read every response they ever have to another memeber.

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