Some questions about installing Openwrt on Mikrotik RB750Gr3

I want to install Openwrt on this device using that method.

  1. Can I use 18.06.2 image or I can only use snapshot one?
  2. As you can see here switched ports come to one 1gbps line, others to another. How does openwrt deal with it?

Only snapshot is supported as per the device page.


There is an 18.06.2 build on the server, but it may be buggy. I remember some mention of the SD card not working properly.

I'm not sure what that diagram means. I'm going by the Edgerouter-X running OpenWrt, it has a 6 port switch with one of the ports going to a single CPU port.

This is the so called "one armed" architecture where the WAN traffic enters and the LAN traffic leaves on different VLANs of the same CPU port. In case of heavy simultaneous downloading and uploading that could theoretically be a bottleneck, but that would be over 500 Mbps.

1 Like it can deal with 2gbps traffic, so it is not one armed.

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