Some interfaces of the ER-X router remain switched off


I will need your help. I followed the instructions for installing openWRT on my Ubiquiti ER-X router. The operations went as planned from a configuration point of view. The problem I have is that only the ETH0 interface is working. Indeed, when I connect in RJ45 on ETH0, I have a connection and the LED flashes, only this interface is not configured in DHCP. The other interfaces (ETH1 to ETH4) remain completely off and no connection is made via RJ45. Would you have a solution ?


Take a look at the Quick Start Guide on the OpenWrt wiki...

I am sorry but I already read it, and I didn't find a solution ?

See the Base system configuration section in the User Guide...

I don't find solutions. I don't have any access to the router at the moment. Can you be more precise ?

I really need your help, I don't understand what went wrong. When I installes the .bin file, it looks like it was working but after a reboot, no interface are avaiblable except ETH0 which deliver no IP address

If you lost IP based access, but have physical access, try to ping via link local Ipv6. If the device still response and lights are up you should be able to SSH into it.

Client# ping -6 ff02::1%<nameofyourethernet>

You should see more then one device responding. Depending on your OS you either see each answer or some answers marked with "dup" (duplicate). However just compare the addresses with your local addr and use the other. You can ssh into by using ssh link-local_addr%%yourlocaleth the double-% is not an typo in this case!

Edit: if you can trigger fail safe on boot that could be an option too to debug your issues.

What is strange is that I only have physical access on ETH0, the other ports seem to be "dead", nothing happens when the cable is connected.

This is what i have with ipconfig

and with ping and ssh

I don't know how I will be able to trigger the fail safe mode without having any access to the router

Ok I misunderstood. You have access to the router but only the routers eth0 is up? Correct?
When you login to the router what is the interface state there? Use either luci or show ip link.

No, I don't have access to the router at all, regardless of the interface. The only thing I notice is that when I try to connect to the different interfaces in Ethernet, only ETH0 lights up and my PC recognizes a connection without getting an IP address. On the others, absolutely nothing happens.

Ok then please perform the ping of ff02::1 as I instructed. Last time you pinged and tried to SSH into your windows machine and not the router

There is no response at the ping

This sounds like OpenWrt is not running. You may need to TFTP recover back to stock firmware then repeat the installation process.

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I'm waiting for the USB / TTL cable to be delivered at the moment, I'll see when I can in this case. Thanks for your time

Factory recovery is fairly straightforward as long as the Ubiquiti version 2 boot loader was installed before you flashed OpenWrt. Search for instructions on Ubiquiti's web site. The main trick I recall is that it does not take a full 30 seconds of holding the reset button to get into tftp mode, so you need to let go of the reset button a little early and confirm tftp recovery mode via the led flashing pattern.

Here are the other pitfalls I can recall from flashing my ER-X...

After you loaded the initial initram image, did you log in to your router and flash a sysupgrade over it to make the OpenWrt installation permanent?

Did you keep settings when flashing sysupgrade? On older OpenWrt versions (which the intram image you used may have been), the default OpenWrt network file configuration added only eth0 to the lan bridge to mimic the default EdgeOS setup. That could be why you only get a response on that one port?

If that is the case, the fix is easy - ssh into your router from the command line and edit the network file to add the other ports to the lan bridge.

Good luck. It is a bit tricky to flash an ER-X.