[SOLVED] ZyXEL P2812HNU-F1 SPL: cannot start U-Boot

i just flashed bad u-boot.asc to zyxel p22812hnu-f1 now it can not boot at all
could anyone help me out if any changes to recovery
i am new to uart and uboot stuff i didn't find any documantation reflash


edit: i found how i will fix the problem i just did too early to open a topic
i am sorry about that

serial log

ROM VER: 1.0.5
CFG 06

U-Boot SPL 2013.10-openwrt5 (Nov 18 2014 - 19:54:01)
SPL: initializing NAND flash
SPL: checking U-Boot image
SPL: loading U-Boot to RAM
SPL: decompressing U-Boot with LZO
SPL: cannot start U-Boot

How did you fix it?

Would be useful for someone else in the same situation in the future.

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i did follow and re-applied uboot.asc from beginning of the instructions on the device page problem was gone.

Cause of problem i followed instructions from different website
u-boot.asc is not update on that site i guess

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