[Solved] Zyxel NSA310 SoC and versions


I have an older NAS from Zyxel, the NSA310, and it was a nice surprise to see that OpenWrt can be installed on it. I have two questions about it:

  1. The device page https://openwrt.org/toh/zyxel/nsa310b states that it uses a Marvell 88F6702 SoC, while the boot log of my unit shows the name of another Marvell device: 88F6281 A1.
    After looking around a bit, I suspect that the SoC mentioned on the device page is a typo or a copy-paste error, because the only place where it is mentioned is the log of the initial NSA310 commit, while the code itself and several other forum posts only contain 88F6281 references. Is there somebody who actually has an NSA310 with an 88F6702 SoC?

  2. I saw references to several versions: NSA310, NSA310a and NSA310b. Does anybody know how these can be distinguished?

Basically, I would like to make sure that I do not try to flash an incompatible OpenWrt version.

Hi, I have 3 NSA310 and all working fine. Before you start your adventure with NSA310 and Openwrt please prepare serial cable. Then you should be able to broke your NSA310.

Thank you, kofec, it's nice to get a confirmation that it's working.
Just to make sure it's the same SoC: could you check that in your dmesg log there is a mention of 88f6281 or the equivalent Marvell name 88FR131?
Thank you!

On this forum you can find lots of information (many uboots log with processor ID). E.g my fight:
I recommend read this forum and wiki but install uboot from Openwrt.

That was indeed some fight :slight_smile:
And your logs confirm what I was suspecting, that the SoC mantioned on the NSA310 device page is not correct. I feel confident flashing the bootloader.

I also have another issue, but I'll open a separate thread for that.

Later edit: @kofec, thanks for the hint about the other forum, I could see some logs from other people and the SoC is the same.

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