[Solved][Workaround]PPTP in LAN not working OpenWrt 18.06.8 (no space left)

Hi there need advice.
I have a old 841 TP-LINK router v5
and a fresh installation of OpenWRT 18.06.8.
The problem is that i cant use PPTP in local network
and i can install kmod-nf-nathelper-extra because on a fresh install there is only 83 KB free space and
kmod-nf-nathelper-extra =53kB
(dep) kmod-lib-textsearch=4kB
so when i press install it download pkg and cant install because of no space left.
if i use with opkg install --force-depends kmod-nf-nathelper-extra seems ok
but all settings after cant be saved (no space left )


You gonna have to make your own build and include what you need (assuming it will fit in the limited flash space you have).

some links that provide details on how you can do it:

Offtopic: is the switch of the 841n v5 stable? better said does the lan just stop working after some days while the wireless still works?

thanks for reply.
is the switch of the 841n v5 stable -- i don`t know need time to test
if any update ping U back

Some more information:

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i have found workaroung

You are certainly aware of this, aren't you?



And while we are talking about security, it is worth pointing out that pptp vpns are considered to be barely better than no vpn at all from a security perspective. There are major vulnerabilities and the protocol has been abandoned and deprecated in many modern operating systems.

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