[SOLVED] Wireless Overview page and which radio?

Today 19.07.xx installed. Reset passwd. Ran firstboot. Ran opkg update.
At webgui admin page, Wireless Overview, I tried to turn on (enable) both 2.4gig and 5gig. Under "Associated Stations", there appears and then disappears the "radio1", which is 2.4gig. When I first came to this page, but a few minutes ago, both radios are off. I enabled them. Set security to wpa2-psk and then "Save and Apply". 90 seconds later it is as though I didn't turn the radios on or something. Both radios continue to show disabled. The screenshot shows 2 of the same radio. I'm confused. How do I get wifi working? And under Interface Configuration Network, do I specify LAN WAN or WAN6? I don't remember doing this in 17.xx firmware.

Someone like myself, not routinely upgrading and updating the router, gets confused easily. Where the config calls for selecting LAN, WAN OR WAN6, I mistakenly selected more than LAN. That and a modem/router reboot and OpenWRT is again A-OK.

Thank you OpenWRT Community.

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