[Solved] WiFi LED issues with custom built ar71xx firmware

Hi All,
I am using the image builder from trunk to build a custom image for TP-Link-940n-v4.
What I am noticing is that, when I give my own 'network' file using "make image FILES=xxx" option, the WiFi LED doesn't work. I have verified this a few times. I don't see any other problem with the built image.
Anyone else has faced this problem?
Can I please get help on this?
Thanks in advance!

Curious to find out what's causing that as well. :wink: Are you sure you're not including the custom system file there?

As a work-around, instead of including a custom network file, you can try using the uci-defaults script in your custom image to modify the network file generated on the router.

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Oh, I think I am changing system file too. I will have to check it.
I need to have a new vlan defined. Didn't find it in uci-defaults script. Earlier in CC days there used to be ucidef_add_switch_vlan function for this. I don't see that function anymore. Do you know more on this?

It was an issue of incompatible FILES taken from different ar71xx router model.
It works fine now. Thanks for the support.