[Solved] Which file config block maclist?

On openwrt 18.06.1
I need to block on my list mac address by command line which file do I code on it.
Is this right ? I try on etc/config/wireless but I can connect to wifi

Try changing list maclist to option maclist.

It right the same nothing change I can connect to wifi .

Try changing it back to list maclist, then issuing the wifi command.

When you connect the supposed to be banned device, what actual MAC shows up in the log?

I change it back but how to use wifi command

Type wifi This restarts the wifi system including re-reading /etc/config/wireless.

The program that runs the AP is wpad / hostapd, runs from a temporary file that is generated from /etc/config/wireless. That file (for the first or only radio) is found at /tmp/run/hostapd-phy0.conf. You can check there to see if your settings in /etc/config/wireless were properly parsed.

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Ok It work fine now thank you two it sovle by list maclist 'C8:38:70:31:4D:61' and wifi

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