[Solved] Wanting to know about packages & features of OpenWRT [Solved]

How can I enable UPNP & NAT-PMP in OpenWRT and is there any packages necessary for the router for better performance and stabilty



Should I use packages like irqbalance, UDPspeeder, (In other threads I read about irqbalance & UDPspeeder improving performance and network quality) does these packages work in Archer C6 v3.Is it worth using them ?

Upnp & Nat-pnp is not working after configuring :frowning:

Only if you need them.

Did you install miniupnpd?

I don't use these things, and I'd generally recommend avoiding them unless you have a specific reason to do so. Manual port forwarding is preferred.

yes I installed miniupnpd package and started it through ssh promt but in games it's disabled

What is upstream of your OpenWrt router?

What are the first two octets of the following:

ifstats wan | grep address

(just the first to octets in bold: aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd)

ONU device is upstream of my router
the first two octets are "10" and "33


whoops... typo (on my part):

ifstatus wan | grep address
        "ipv4-address": [
                        "address": "",
                        "ptpaddress": ""
        "ipv6-address": [
                        "address": "fe80::c909:d0f5:ed84:ee21",
                        "address": "fd90:e9c9:cb16:10::",
                        "local-address": {
                                "address": "fd90:e9c9:cb16:10::1",
                "ipv4-address": [
                "ipv6-address": [

You do not have a public IP from your ISP on the IPv4 side. It looks like you do have public IPv6, though.

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Then there's no worth setting up upnp. Though I might disturb you one last time I started using OpenWRT about 1 week now and honestly the os is great but kinda loaded with features that I don't understand. I'm curious to know till the date is irqbalance working the question came to my head after some saying on threads it's not working etc. Thank you very much for your time and assistance :smiley:

I don't use this feature, but it is designed for multi-core devices. If you're on a single-core CPU, you won't see any improvements. Here's information about it:

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