[Solved] VPN Policy Routing for local (router's) services

edit: It seems that you need to create a policy with OUTPUT chain and flush routing cache by using the following command:

ip route flush cache


I've created an VPN interface, which connects to the VPN Server just fine. The VPN Policy Routing works fine for the all local addresses, but I can't manage to force traffic coming from the router itself to be put through the VPN interface.

I've created policy for "Remote addresses / domains" containing "ifconfig.co" to be routed through my VPN Interface, and:

  1. When I'm trying to reach ifconfig.co from any local computer - I can see my VPN adress which is good!
  2. However, when I'm trying to issue a command thought SSH like "curl ifconfig.co" it shows me my true IP address (from the WAN interface).

How can I force the same policy for the router as I have for local devices? Should I use some kind of prerouting or something?

My setup:
vpn-policy-routing 0.2.1-3
OpenWrt 19.07.1 r10911