[SOLVED] Using IPv6 tunnel with LEDE has changed my browser search country

Hi All
Been using LEDE on a BT Home Hub 5A for a week or so now, and yesterday I managed to configure my HE.Net IPv6 tunnel successfully last night. It's all working well apart from one small problem. When I search anything on Google I get results from Germany, when they should be UK search results. I've checked my search engine settings in Google and it points to google.co.uk, and it only seems to be Google Chrome that does this, Firefox and Edge produce UK search results.
It's all quite weird and I'm not entirely sure if I should be posting this issue on here, but as it only started since configuring my IPv6 tunnel on the Home Hub 5A with LEDE 17.01.4, I'm presuming it has something to do with this.
Any thoughts or views on this would be greatly appreciated.

First guess: Your he.net tunnel ipv4 endpoint uses the he.net German site, and Chrome uses ipv4 geolocation to place you into Germany.

You can select the endpoint, when creating the tunnel.


Thanks for the quick reply, I think I've solved it now.
I'm pretty sure I set my tunnel endpoint to London so I checked my IPv6 and IPv4 address locations and they both say they are located in Hull, England.
I fixed it by scrolling down to the bottom of a Chrome search and clicked on the 'Use precise location' link and refreshed the search, now it is searching UK results. So looks like it was nothing to do with LEDE and configuring my IPv6 tunnel, it was Chrome having a mad moment! Also noticed that before fixing it my internet browsing was quite sluggish, now I've changed the precise location it seems to have sharpened up a lot now, an extra bonus.
Cheers again.

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