[Solved] Using BT homehub 5 as AP/switch (no WAN/DSL)?

Hello !

I was looking for a 802.11ac / gigabit AP and found this pretty low cost BT homehub 5 with LEDE.

It has a DSL modem, WAN ethernet etc that I dont need.
I'm not familiar with LEDE (I dont have any equipement with it). but I like the idea of this project.
Before buying one, I was wondering: Can I disable DHCP, DSL, WAN ...all those fonction I do not need ?

I would like to use mainly the wifi (802.ac) as a secondary AP in my house. It will be connected to my LAN by ethernet RJ45.
The gigabit ethernet switch is also a nice to have function.

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Yes, you can setup a LEDE device (BT HH5a included) as a dumb AP, and it is quite straightforward. Apart of LEDE documentation, there is a very nice Bill's manual, covering LEDE HH5a specifically.

Hello !

Many thanks for your confirmation !!
I will order one and start discover LEDE :smiley:

In case it helps some others, the price seems unbeatable on ebay for such a HW ( 4 port gigabit switch + 802.11ac ).

Good luck and welcome to the club!

Hi !

In case some people are interested, I would like to share the results:
switch + wifi AP works almost out of the box.

I just have done the following:

  • disable DCHP (cause I have it already in my ISP box).
  • Play a bit with the configuration to use the "WAN" RJ45 port as an additionnal LAN port (so I have a 5 port switch and no WAN).
  • Configure the wifi (AP name, password etc...)

So as a conclusion, the homehub 5 is a pretty avordable solution to start playing with LEDE :wink: