[Solved] TP-Link Archer AX23 v1 inaccessible after upgrade

Hello all,

I'm having a problem for some time now after upgrading my TP-Link Archer AX23 v1 EU to the latest version. Happened today while upgrading from 23.05.2 to 23.05.3. Same case with previous versions. The upgrade via sysupgrade image goes smooth, but I can't access the LuCi interface afterwards.

Can't even SSH into it. The only way I can access it is to hw reset it. The system shows the latest and upgraded version. If I try to upload and restore previous configuration same thing happens again.
So, lot of work to get it up and running with previous settings wifi, network etc.

Any kind of help is appreciated.


Are there any settings or packages in relation to ssh/LuCI access that are not included in the directories sysupgrades preserves over the upgrade? I just sysupgraded an Archer C6v3 from a v22 snapshot to a v23 snapshot and my added/changes files and directories in /etc/, /usr/lib/ and /usr/sbin were unchanged.

No, I believe everything is included. Forgot to mention; DHCP, DNS and FW are disabled as the router is used as a dumb AP with another one. Maybe this change is the culprit?

This could be it. Since I am not versed in dump AP configurations and corresponding sysupgrade behaviour, maybe aomeone else can chime in. A quick Google Search showed other thread of this forum that listed similar issues. You may have to build your own image to preserve everything and keep the access ways.

Yeah, I found the post you mentioned. Will give it a try as I have yet another router to upgrade.


edit: just like the post says... it is firewall related issue. I had mine disabled and all of the rules were deleted. So, in order to make this work one has to follow the instructions from here:

Thank you for your assistance oncemore.


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