[solved] ToH pls + Synology

I think the rt2600ac will eventually get support... would be nice to have a place to document all the hw related stuff before I bury it somewhere.


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I too would appreciate Synology rt2600ac added to ToH

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Any reason why you or @anon50098793 do not add it by yourself???

Wiki ToH even has instructions for that:

Directly to instructions:



i am not allowed to add manufacturers

i tried for 5 hours... and then posted a request for synology to be added here about a year ago... then reminded here;

even tmomas seems to think i can add manufacturers on my own. not sure why he's happily completed all the other request, yet this one seems to be so problematic...

are we allowed to add manufacturers now? why is there only one person that can do this anyway? isn't the goal of the project not to leave the keys in the hands of only one person?

Synology is currently in the list of manufacturers...

But when adding the device, the dialog advises that only devices that have support in the OpenWrt sources, should be added.

Switching that to supported, and you see the table with the needed data items about RAM etc.

Based on that I am not sure if the device should be added there, yet, as the support is in so early stages. Have you submitted your patches for adding the support?

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that's odd... last time I read the instructions it said you can add a page if the device is likely to be supported...

mixed messages indeed...

anyways... a year to add a manufacturer is pathetic... and the fuckduggery and double standards need revision.

You have to discern between

  • dataentry pages (please add only if device is supported or if someone is actively working on it or a PR is available)
  • devicepages (add devices with or without OpenWrt support, but please no unsupportable devices (2MB flash or thelike))

Regarding adding Synology to the list of brands: I did not read your first posting as "Can you please add Synology to the list of brands". You might want to express your requests a bit clearer next time, so that even simple minded wiki admins get the message and have no excuse :wink:

And as already written in the other topic:

In addition to this, an @ mention would have helped too to get my attention.

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That's not true. Every wiki admin can add a new brand to the dropdowns. Instructions how to do this are available for wiki admins since 2016/07/25.

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ok, that clears things up a bit... good to see the brand is now in the ToH...

to paraphrase;

  • any wiki admin can add brands
  • users should be clear and use the work BRAND when asking for a manufacturer to be added to the toh
  • users need to @ mention tmomas to ensure that additions are attended to
  • the user may or may not be notified that it was done, thus should keep using @ mentions until it's resolved
  • if the device already has support, then proceeding to create a ToH entry is allowed. if the device is in the process of support being added ( which is kind of cyclical, no Toh = no testers = no added ), then a subjective decision will be made by who is adding the brand / device ( forum thread can exist [helps?], draft patchset goes without saying ).

thankyou all who have provided assistance, patience and understanding to bring device support for the rt2600ac one step closer to reality ( or other synology devices ).

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