[Solved] TL-WPA8630P Lede does not install


Getting an error while installing factory bin.

Do i need to downgrade first?

I'd probably try flashing via tftp first, but there doesn't seem a lot of LEDE (or OpenWrt) specific information about that device.

Thanks! But I am not sure if it has tftp. I'll try.

TL-WPA8630 doesn have tftp recovery mode.
To install LEDE use serial cable or wait to someone make tool to create valid image header.

Thank you! I have a serial cable, but no (visual) header to connect it to.

Hi, I also have a TL-WPA8630 v1 (not the P version, though) and a TTL converter cable.
This link might be useful to spot the serial pins. As you can see on the second photo in the first page (better off downloading the pdf) there are four holes on the lower part of the board, slightly over the ethernet connectors.
Does anyone know the correct pinout? In the event of a successful boot into ram, is it safe to write the image to rootfs? How to get the rootfs flash area start and end addresses?
thank you

Before doing any soldering, you might try just downgrading the stock firmware first, then flashing LEDE.

I am not sure yet what stock is, 2016 - 04 - 18 probably

The earliest U.S. stock firmware is 160309...


I have an EU adapter, are they the same?

Check using this page...


I did, 2016 - 04 - 18. But it might not be stock. It already has bugfixes.

Does not matter what version of the vendor software, it's still stock.

That is right. I'll try downgrading stock and try upgrading to lede.

Did not work.

I would try using TFTP.

TFTP tutorials…


According to Heinz it has no tftp recovery

Not sure what @Heinz is referring to...

I have not seen (in my short search) any documentation that says you cannot set up a TFTP server on an attached computer (as the tutorials show) and upload to that specific router.

If that doesn't work, a serial terminal connection would be the next step.

But I assume that there is a risk that I brick the powerlinerouter using tftp.

There is always a risk in flashing a router.

Understand what you're doing and why, and create a safety net by finding out how to get back to stock (which would be through TFTP or serial, since JTAG is not available for that router).

You have to decide if it's worth it...