[Solved] Smart queue management missing from LuCI menu


I recently flashed openwrt version 22.03 onto my Asus AC1200GU router, following this instruction. It was successful, and I managed to get to the LuCI config page. Then I want to install Smart Queue Management packages to defeat bufferbloat.

First, I go to System, then Software and there I found a list of packages already installed, and the package kmod_sched_cake was included. But when i go to the Network tab on the LuCI page, I couldn't find "SQM QoS" from the dropdown menu. I tried to SSH into the router, because I figured that I could perhaps just edit the /etc/config/sqm file directly, but I failed to locate such a file.

Could anyone help me understand what is going on or did I miss any important step?


Install luci-app-sqm.

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thank you Dave!

the SQM QoS submenu finally showed up after I installed the luci-app-sqm package as you suggested. Now I look forward to exploring how to finetune those settings!

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