[Solved] Samknows WDR-3600 Help

Hello, I just recently finished my dealings with Samknows. I have a TP-Link WDR-3600 that I got in about 2015. I've searched online and found links to attempt to get into the white box but I seem to be at an impasse. I'm not sure if my box is dead or what. So a bit of a backstory, I've been with Samknows since like I said 2015 and about 2 weeks ago we had a power outage and when the power came back on. All the lights came on on the white box, but it couldn't connect back (the right most light is supposed to go solid when there is a connection back). So upon contacting Samknows they basically said "ok you're done, do with the box what you want". So looking online, I've found this forum and I'm hoping to get some help. I've done the below steps.. I have a command prompt open and I'm pinging and while doing the below steps, the box pings back but eventually it stops, I get the 2 left lights (the sun icon is flashing), and I get the network port flashing. But I can't do anything else, sometimes when I restart and start pressing the button the right most icon will come on and nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated, I'd really like to get this router set up so I can use it. Also, if boot normally it will pull an IP address from the DHCP but I'm unable to do anything with it still.

from Github link

  • Disconnect the Whitebox from the internet.
  • Connect your computer directly to the Whitebox via Ethernet to one of the four ethernet ports on the Whitebox.
  • Configure your computer's IP settings to "Manual" setting the computer's IP address to, the Subnet Mask to and the Gateway to
  • Turn off the Whitebox.
  • Turn on the Whitebox.
  • Wait for all the lights to come on and turn off once, then spam the "WPS / Reset" button on the back of the Whitebox.
  • Continue spamming until the second LED from the left flashes continuosly. You are now in "debug mode".

The "sun" light second from the left is actually a gear-- it means "system running." During OpenWrt bootup (the samknows firmware is a custom openwrt) it should flash fast, then flash slow, then stay on steady. If you successfully enter OpenWrt failsafe mode (by mashing the reset button while it is flashing fast) it will flash really fast.

Most TP-Link has TFTP recovery which is activated by holding down the reset button while turning the power on and continuing to hold the button until the WPS light (arrows pointing up / down) at the far right is the only one on. If it does that you can set up a TFTP server and load mainstream OpenWrt that way.

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2 questions, so I should try waiting for the gear to start flashing and then mash the button? And since I can ge the WPS light to stay on. Would you have a link to the TFTP way of setting it up?

The model's device page is here.

Note under TFTP another page is linked which explains how to set up a server.

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Is there anything that I would have to do different because this looks like it's flashing from the stock firmware? Should the computers IP be 192.168.1.x (the default from Samknows) or the TP Link default? (192.168.0.x)

(Actually slowed down and READ the steps.. :man_facepalming:

Ok, got a TFTP response.. I think I'm on the right track now...

DONE!!! The router now has OpenWRT on it and I can access it! Thanks @mk24 !!! Much appreciate the help!

Also used this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtrMpANC2kk

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