[SOLVED] Safe to overwrite files from other packages?

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I use OpenWRT for some time but just the basics that my router functions and I have WiFi. I use it through LuCI, and when updating packages, I noticed the checkbox "Overwrite files from other packages". Is it safe to tick it? When I tick it, the used space mostly decreases after the update is complete. Is this an intended behaviour?
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First, it's not safe to generally upgrade packages on an embedded device whatsoever.

See: https://openwrt.org/meta/infobox/upgrade_packages_warning

and: OPKG upgrade / package upgrade warning

If you want to upgrade software, the snapshot firmware can be used (if all packages are installed immediately after the time of flashing).

Note that you have to install the web GUI on a snapshot.

It may in some cases...but usually upgrading packages causes more use of flash space. This is because uninstalling a package built into the firmware simply marks it as deleted.

Also, upgrading such packages could result in a soft brick of your device.


"the snapshot firmware", by that, do you mean that a good practice for upgrading is to just flash a new image and then reinstall all the packages (which will be the newest packages)?
Im using x86_64 stable 19.07.3, is it possible, say, every month (until a new stable revision comes out) to via luci flash the same 19.07.3 image and then install all the packages?


No, you would use Snapshot, not the same 19.07.3 over and over (which wouldn't necessarily update packages). Snapshots are updated daily.


My logic is that, if using the same stable image wouldnt do much i guess, but when i start installing packages they are "updated" because latest version will be downloaded

Looking for a best practice way to update on stable openwrt build

I understood that; but as I said, that belief is not necessarily correct. And you're right, the same version wouldn't do much.

OK...I thought I mentioned it above...as you see this is in the Wiki...specifically:

Those looking to be on the bleeding edge can consider using the snapshot releases, but should be mindful of the differences between stable and snapshot. Or, alternatively, build a custom image with the desired updated packages included in that image. The remaining users who still want to use opkg upgrade should only do so with selected individual packages (do not bulk update, do not blindly update) and they should be aware that problems may occur that could necessitate a complete reset-to-defaults to resolve .

  • optionally, you can build your own custom image too

...if you search, I think you'll find more threads regarding how such practices soft bricked the device - even when the OP had been running upgrades for a while...I was able to find 3 threads for your review:

Feel free to make your own thread if you have questions different from the OP's issue (i.e. about overtiring files from another package).

you are correct i apologize , thank you

Thanks, I was unaware of that. It makes things a lot easier :+1:

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