[Solved] Replace ISP's router

I am wondering if it's possible to remove my ISP's router from my network.

My configuration is something like this:
Fiber optic connection (from wall) -> Alcatel-Lucent ONT (provided by ISP) -> ethernet cable -> ISP router -> ethernet cable -> WRT32X (mine. Running OpenWRT)

I set the ISP router to bridged mode and had to enter my PPPoE username and password into the WAN settings in OpenWRT.

My network has been working just fine this way for a while now, but it seems like I should be able to connect the ONT directly to the WRT32X. However, when I try doing this, I can't get an internet connection. I read that the ISP router may do something with VLAN tagging? But I'm not sure what I would need to do exactly.

These are my current VLAN settings (by default. I haven't changed them):

Any ideas?

If the ONT is communicating with ISP router over a vlan, then you'll need to add it in the switch configuration of wrt32x and select tagged on eth1 and wan.

I will give that a try, thanks!

That didn't seem to fix it. If the ONT is NOT communicating over a VLAN, any ideas as to what else I should try?

Do you know the correct VLAN that you need to tag the packets with?

No. Is this something I can find out on my own?

You may check the ISP router and see if you can see any VLAN IDs.

Yes, you could. But first, try googling this information for your ISP.
If that does not work, you could try VLAN’s from one while increasing by one until you lose your patience. It is likely a relatively small number.
A better way is to capture packets before they reach your ISP’s router on its WAN side and looking at VLAN that is set on them. Is using WireShark or similar an option for you?

I know WireShark by name, but have never used it myself. More than happy to finally sit down and try to figure it out though. I'm assuming I would need to connect the ONT directly to a laptop with WireShark via ethernet, right?

I just found online that it's supposed to be on VLAN10. I changed the ID in the picture above from 2 to 10 and changed the WAN port to "tagged" and it works now! Thanks for the help everyone

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