[Solved] Reboot doesn't work

Hi, my Fritzbox 4020 with OpenWRT has been running with no problems for a few months, however I've now noticed something weird, the "Reboot" command on the Luci interface doesn't work anymore.
I click on "Perform Reboot" and nothing happens, I jut get the "Rebooting…Waiting for device..." message while the router stays on.
Another weird thing is that if I send the "Reboot" command via SSH or with the "Custom commands" package it doesnt' work either. The only thing that seemed to work is the "reboot -f" command via SSH.

Another weird thing, the "Netdata" package appears to be malfunctioning, it ran without issues at the beginning but now sometimes it just stops working and I have to reboot it manually, could it be correlated? I don't think so, but I'm pointing it out anyway.

Found out what the issue was after months while solving another issue, apparently it was caused by having iperf3 running in server mode instead of deamon mode, which prevented rebooting.

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That Makes Three Solutions for you today. :+1:

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