[SOLVED] Re-installing the original TP-Link firmware a second time

Hi all,

I finally decided to return to the original firmware, and I succeded following this guide, and, particularly, following this other guide for restoring TP-Link firmwares.
Now my question is: does have some sense reflashing the complete firmware file, not that cut by me, to the router in order to get living the warranty?
And, in the future, in order to install a new released firmware, how should I treat that file? I will have to cut it as that guide for TP-Link router states?
Thanks for the support.


The FriedZombie site offers "stripped" (no bootloader) TP-Link firmware for various models...


I have found the easiest way to go back from Gargoyle, OpenWRT, and LEDE to stock TP-Link is TFTP...

Even though your router would (hopefully) not be bricked, this works for revering back as well...


In your case, using your router model and verison, you would rename the stock firmware using the following naming convention...


I have used the method for Archer C7's.

Example: ArcherC7v2_tp_recovery.bin

Hi jwoods, thanks for your reply.
I've cut the firmware file by myself and the router is fully working now.
So I could follow that guide you posted in the TP-Link forum in order to restore the same, complete original firmware to my router?
And what it happens if I reflash the same, complete original TP-Link firmware file through the web interface of the router? I would brick it?


When flashing stock firmware through the webui of stock firmware, use the file as is from the TP-Link website.

Installing OpenWrt doesn't change the bootloader, so you don't have to change it back.

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Some versions of the stock TP-Link firmware will not flash through third-party web GUI's.

Try this

Yep. Same link as I posted above.

jwoods...i think is the easiest method for Lele.

Agree...that's why I posted it.

Hi all,

just for saying that, since the router was not bricked, I proceeded as mk24 said, that is reinstalling the original, not cut, firmware through the specific function in the web page of the router and all went good.
I remind that I already reinstalled the original TP-Link firmware file, but that was cut by me.

Hi,I'm new to openwrt and I have a TP-WR841N that I like to revert back to stock firmware, but the http://www.friedzombie.com/tplink-stripped-firmware/ is not available anymore and I like to know how I can cut the firmware by myself.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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