[Solved] RB750GR3 speedtest network perfomance

I have internet speed 900mbit via pppoe.
If I use RouterOS speedtest.net show me 930 mbit download speed and 930 mbit upload speed.
If I use OpenWRT speedtest.net show me only 700 mbit download and 500 upload.

RB750GR3 have 8 ports switch. But Openwrt use only 6 ports: 1 for CPU and 5 eth.
May be for more speed it should be use more links to CPU? Or more speed link?

A quick google shows that the RB750GR3 device is a mt7621 based device. Luckily, that supports hardware NAT under Lede/OpenWRT, but it is disabled by default.

Make sure you are running the 18.06RC1 version, or a recent master branch image. In Luci, go to the firewall settings and enable both "Software flow offloading" and "Hardware flow offloading". Please report back what your speeds are with those settings enabled :slight_smile:

It`s need to upgrade firmware first.
But CPU not loaded to 100% when I test.

I was also running into a WAN bottleneck without running out of CPU cycles on my mt7621. I think it is because the mt7621 CPU has 4 threads, but PPPoE isn't perfectly multithreaded. Please upgrade to 18.06RC1 and test again with flow offloading enabled :slight_smile: Or alternatively, wait a few more weeks for the final release if you don't want to run a RC release.

I think also multicore routers did only use one core for interrupt handling on openwrt by default!?
There is a package named irqbalance to use more cpus for interrupt handling.

MT7621 is a dual core with ht.

@Mushoz, 18.06 work perfect!!!
Speedtest shows 900/915 mbit/s with my internet speed 900 and 1% CPU load!

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Glad to hear :slight_smile:

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I do have similar issue. Currently running 18.06.1 on Mikrotik Rb750Gr3. I got NAT software/hardware acceleration enabled under FW but getting "only" 700 mbit/s. Is there a way to check that NAT acceleration is working? Do I need to configure anything else?

Hi, could you download at 900Mbps and upload at 915Mbps simultaneously ?

I didn't test simultaneously

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