[SOLVED] Problem changing operating frequency on radio0 WRT1900ACS

I tried to change the operating frequency of my radio0 to go to a less crowded channel (channel 100). Unfortunately, the wireless signal is now lost and under the status it reads

**Wireless is not associated**

A reboot did not fix it. Ultimately I had to set it back to the original crowded channel 36, reboot, and only then it recovered but at the crowded channel. So it seems like channel 100 and above is broken. Auto does not have the same problem.

Should I file a bug report?

Well that’s a DFS channel, so my guess would be the CAC check wouldn’t allow it to fire up due to radar interference.

Maybe you could try an even higher channel above DFS if that is less congested.

First of all, the kernel must listen for DFS events for at least one minute, before it is allowed to initiate radio transmissions on it - have you been patient enough to wait for it?

I did and it never switched. I did a network scan and saw nothing on channel 100, so maybe a DFS event is effecting it. Anyway, I was able to change to 149 and now my wireless speeds are 100mbit+ with my clients so I'm happy now. Thanks for the help!

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