[Solved] Package dependencies warnings since URL change

Since this commit: https://github.com/lede-project/source/commit/0a410df234f5d734a82820dd7a1fb1491931627f I am getting all kinds of warnings regarding different dependencies of packages. It seems not all packages are already available on the "Openwrt" url. I assume this will sort itself out over the next day??

Using the old-feeds didn't help either...

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The warnings are not related to the URL change but to recent dependency handling changes.

Okay. So that still needs to be sorted out server side? Nothing I can do on my end, right?

Yes, this is correct. All packages emitting warnings need to be fixed to not contain those broken references anymore.

Perfect. Waiting for all package maintainers to finish updating. It seems none are related to anything Iā€™m using at the moment, so no rush. Just making sure there was not something I missed or could do myself to fix this.

Thank you