[solved] Openvpn running but not shown in luci under vpn->openvpn-

I've got openvpn running already for quite some time and I've just noticed that the current instance is not showing up in Luci, even if it works fine in all respects. I'm pretty sure it was present, since I did most of my setup through the web interface.

What can I check?
I've already restarted uhttpd while clearing /tmp/luci* and even rebooting did not help.
luci-app-openvpn is of course still present.

ls -1 /etc/openvpn/


to clarify: "in all respects" means I've tested a connection from my phone over 4G and it works.

so it's 100% uci based(minus keys)?

opkg list-installed | grep openvpn

I have probably added a couple of keywords directly in the config file, such as dns push (according to memo.txt) but it was a long time ago and it was tested: I wanted to be sure that I could still edit the other options from the gui.

luci-app-openvpn - git-20.140.38620-8d89f0d-1
openvpn-easy-rsa - 3.0.4-1
openvpn-mbedtls - 2.4.7-2

Nevermind... I think I saw it... checking now....

I had made a test edit to /etc/config/openvpn to use a different push for IPV6 and I had forgot to add the "list" keyword: as a result, the uci config was invalid and it was being skipped by Luci.
Openvpn itself simply doesn't see the uci config and I failed to notice the missing route.

@anon50098793 thanks for the help, yet another case of having to explain it to someone else helps finding the problem :slight_smile:

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