[Solved] New to LEDE: opkg update not working

Everything was working fine and I used quite a bit of posts from this site to help me install LEDE on my Linksys WRT1200AC. Most everything seemed to work fine until something happened this morning.

Not sure how or why it happened but suddenly OPKG update is not working anymore. I am getting the "*** Failed to download the package list from ......" on all packages.

The trouble shooting I did shows that the router itself does not do any ping, nslookup or traceroute when I use the full name like "lede-project.org" or any other domain name. The ping etc do work when I do the IP address.

All devices on my network work fine for ping, etc with both the domain name and the ip address.

Help please...



Sounds like a DNS problem.

You might try changing whatever you are using now to the Google public DNS servers...

As far as I know that is already in place. And again, every device in my network works fine for domain name lookup only the router itself is not working right.

Maybe I am not understanding what you are trying to tell me.

I am suggesting that you might try changing whatever your current DNS servers are on the router to see if the problem persists.

I change the DNS Forwarding on the DHCP and DNS page and that seemed to work. Really appreciate your help.