[Solved] Nervous total Newbie - Sercomm H-500-s

So I have two Sercomm H-500-s routers (Vodafone branded) that I'd like to use as pure access points (not routers) to extend coverage at home. The OEM firmware won't let me do that, so I end up with different sub-nets on each AP, which means stuff like Airplay won't play.

I've seen very informative posts on this OpenWRT FAQ that assure me OpenWRT will allow me to configure them this way.

BUT - I've never done this sort of low-level stuff (firmware replacement) with devices before, and I'm nervous. And the Sercomm device page seems to indicate that OpenWRT support for these devices may be limited.

Any words of wisdom before I jump in?
Anyone with experience on these specific devices?

Thanks folks.

Most stock firmware has enough functionality to set up a dumb AP.

  • Change the LAN IP to an unused address inside the main router's LAN. e.g. main router is, set AP as
  • Disable the DHCP server.
  • Run Ethernet cable between one of the LAN ports and the main LAN.

As you said this is not a great machine for OpenWrt as there's no support for the 2.4 radio. It will only have 5 GHz wifi.

Dude! You got me sorted. Thanks a ton.

It never occurred to me before, but it's obvious now that I've done it - the "router" exists between the LAN (including WiFi) and the WAN, so by simply keeping everything connected on the local side the device simply behaves as a switch (or bridge?). And this way I keep both radios running (2.4 and 5.0)

So simple. D'uh. I guess I won't need to be running the risk of bricking my device then :slight_smile:

Thanks again @mk24 !

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