[Solved] Need help installing github package

I want to install this package from github


i already do

opkg update
opkg install git
opkg install git-http
opkg install php8-cli
opkg install php8-mod-curl
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/helmiau/PHPTeleBotWrt/master/phpbotmgr -O /root/phpbotmgr && chmod +x /root/phpbotmgr

but when i try to execute ./phpbotmgr i
it says file not found

is there something that cause this error?

The procedure of downloading a binary from the internet and then executing it is rather horrible from a security standpoint - and the script itself is also rather buggy…

But the issue at hand would be the bash dependency, which isn't installed by default (expect more trouble later on).


what is bash dependency and how to install it?

bash contains functionality required by the script, features the busybox shell doesn't provide.

opkg update
opkg install bash

thanks a lot, it works now