[SOLVED] NBG6617 wireless disconnections

Hi, I have installed openwrt snapshot on my nbg6617 and after configuring the wireless I saw that the chromecast disconnects every 5 minutes.
With dmesg I see that there are many Invalid VHT mcs 15 peer stats, do I have to change something in the wireless settings?
I only activated the wifi and changed the password.

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Thanks @tmomas, I have replaced firmware 3.4 with 3.5.3 as @chunkeey said and now Chromecast doesn't disconnect anymore, there are also no more warnings.
Thank you

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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I hope that it will be corrected soon in the next snapshots :smiley:

I also tried this router and I can say that it has excellent wireless coverage and is very stable with openwrt. If you want to use it with openwrt I really recommend the purchase, just remember to update the firmware to 3.5.3 as recommended.

Sorry, I'm not an expert but I think 18.06 should not be released with firmware 3.4 because there are disconnections and too many warnings.

The "real" experts (aka Qualcomm's firmware and driver engineers) do not really come here... like at all... So this makes us either all experts or dummies.

The PR is waiting on github (for testers?).

I think the latest version is fine. But you would have to talk to one of the people with commit access: https://github.com/orgs/openwrt/people in order to get it merged this close to the release.

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