[Solved] NameCheap DDNS in OpenWrt

I need to configure the DDNS client in OpenWrt with the NameCheap dynamic dns service but I don't know what data I have to complete.

What are the update API instructions from your provider?

For DDNS, it's usually a HTTP/HTTPS web string to send the credentials and update the IP.

You'll likely have to use custom, if there's isn't a pre-made script for NameCheap.

I found only for DD-WRT. No OpenWrt. I also saw a NameCheap profile in Dynamic DNS, but I don't know what data I must enter so that it can send to the DDNS service.

For OpenWRT is is pretty much identical to the dd-wrt tutorial you found (it just looks a bit different), just chose custom.

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But there is already a profile for NameCheap. Just put the corresponding data (I think). I also asked on that page and they answered that it is almost the same as DD-WRT and the difference is in Hostname.

So what is exactly your issue? It seems all solved now, doesn't it?

I think so. I just realized that they had answered me. Also thanks for your help!

I still can't make it work.

Any details?

Apparently it doesn't work as expected as with DuckDNS.
I followed the steps in this guide (I even asked in the comments section) and it doesn't work.
In the NameCheap configuration panel I had to configure this and this but nothing at all.

Here are some images with the current settings:

In Lookup Hostname, Domain and Username is my domain .com.ar.

You don't have a A record for this domain configured in your OpenWrt, do you?

What do you mean? I bought a domain in nic.ar and delegated it to NameCheap, but I can't get the domain to point to the IP of the router.

I can't find anywhere the RIGHT way to configure this service.

I receive the IP as indicated by the "help" of NameCheap and that supposedly it was going to change to that of the router but I do not see that it works as expected.

Then just try a Custom DDNS config and use the update URL from the link you provided.

But it tells me that I have to put the IP. Isn't it supposed to update automatically? The guide is not adapted to OpenWrt.



Yes, that's the point of DDNS! :smiley:

I think someone else should assist. Perhaps my instructions are not clear...or I don't understand your issue at this point.

EDIT: :bulb: Maybe you're unaware of the [IP] parameter that can be added to custom scripts. :wink:

DuckDNS works so well that it seems strange to me that this PAYMENT service does not provide good information.

I'm not sure what issue you're having- your post says nothing about actually configuring the OpenWrt. You simply follow the custom config as you posted it.

Per the instructions you enter:


When you do this with proper domain on the front (e.g. http://ddns.example.com - ask the DDNS provider)...what happens???

I give details: I contacted NameCheap by E-mail and they told me to enable DDNS in the control panel and some "A + Dynamic DNS record" and I did it. Then I downloaded the DDNS client for Windows and the IP (dummy) was updated to that of the router which is public. Also that it is a problem of the router's DDNS client and may be true. With the data that I put in OpenWrt of the DDNS service (in the image), it apparently works, but the IP is not updated. Also for clarity, I don't use a custom URL, but instead use the already included NameCheap profile. I also noticed that the IP was updated in OpenWrt thanks to the Windows client.