[SOLVED] MX60W - Commands don't work

You were supposed to boot and get LuCI first. Did you?

Otherwise, you proceeded further.

I did the following:

  • I took a machine whit a NIC card
  • I assigned the IP and configured my TFTP software. I used the 17.01.4 BIN file, and renamed it buck.bin
  • I attached the serial cable and opened my terminal software
  • The countdown stops in 2 seconds, I hit a key before it proceeded
  • I enter:

setenv serverpath; setenv netloadmethod tftpboot; setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,${baudrate} rootfstype=squashfs mtdoops.mtddev=oops; run meraki_load_net meraki_checkpart meraki_bootlinux

  • It booted

From there, you perform the steps in my other post. If you read the threads I linked, you will see there's 2 options to get the network operational in order to flash recovery and 17.01.4 MX60 (in my case) to the router.

Also understand: