[solved] Missing MySQL packages in 18.06, Ho to compile packages that depend on mysql

I have to compile a few packages that depend on mysql-server and libmysqlclient. In Lede-17 they compiled properly. Now that mysql packages have been removed, I am not able to compile these packages. Copying the mysql package Makefile and patches don't help as the compilation fails.

Please guide me what is the solution to compile such packages?


use libmariadbclient and mariadb-server.


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Hi micmac , Will I need to change the DEPENDS section of the concerned packages ?

I can see only mariadb-server and mariadb-client in 'Utilities->database' section and libmariadb in 'Libraries' section.

Hi there. Not really. You can, but it's not needed because all packages use PROVIDES (see mariadb Makefile). So libmariadbclient provides libmysqlclient & libmysqlclient-r, mariadb-server provides mysql-server. So you can keep your DEPENDS.

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I thought we're talking about 18.06. There it's called libmariadbclient. In master it's called libmariadb.

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