[Solved] Luci config restore is not working


I am using LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d with Archer C7 v2 and I can not restore a saved configuration with luci.

Is this a known bug?


I have the same router and the same version of LEDE.

No issues with config restores.

What happens (errors, etc.) when you try to restore a config?

Hi jwoods,

After resetting to default config I select the previosly saved config file and after the following reboot I am missing my saved settings (like WIFI parameters, IP address, etc.). They all have default values.
Restore does not change anything...
There is no error message.


As a quick test, make one configuration change, save and apply, and then backup the config.

Restore it, and see if the change is still there.

Did you save your config with Safari by chance? If so, the Safari option to Open Safe Files After Downloading (Preferences > General) seems to break saved configs for some reason, just uncheck that option before you save configs and they should be fine.


I use Firefox for managing the router.
After changing a little and trying to restore a perviously saved configuration the Archer startet up with partly erased configuration (default ip instead of my ip, but with correct password).

Then I installed the sysimage firmware again and unchecked "keep settings".
Now restoring of configuration is working!

It looks like the storage area for configuration data was broken.
Could a reset in failsafe-mode cause this problem?
I did this before and executed:

umount /overlay && firstboot && reboot




Well, that reset "firstboot" in failsafe mode clears the partition where config & all other changes will be stored, but after the reboot that partition should be automatically re-created just like after the initial flash (or a flash with unchecked 'keep settings').

So, it should not have caused the problem that "storage area for configuration data was broken" as that storage area should have been automatically re-created.

But if you e.g. had too many opkg installed packages or other files so that there were not enough free space on the flash, it is possible that the writable partition gets mounted read-only during boot and all your settings get stored into a ramdisk (that naturally vanishes at a reboot).

Your quoted text here below points into that direction, as the reboot seems to make things disappear. Did you check if the the restored config files looked ok after restore but before the reboot???

It would have been informative to see the output of "df -h" during that error condition. Possibly the mounted overlay was pointing into /tmp instead of an actual mtd partition. See e.g. Linksys EA9500 - readonly Overlay Issue for an example of "df -h" at an ok mounting and at an erroneous mounting. Possible error message in system log would have been something like these:

overlayfs: failed to create work directory (EROFS), mounting read-only

mount_root: no usable overlay filesystem found, using tmpfs overlay

Too late to check now, but I added this here just in case somebody else stumbles into a similar error later.

Hi hynman,

I restored with luci and then an automatic reboot follows...
No time to check what restore does.
And I use a clean install without additional packages.

After reinstalling the firmware, restore works.
Thanks everybody for help.



today I used the restore function with newest service release (reboot) and had the same problem. The solution was to reset all values in Luci before restore the old settings.

It seems that restore works only with "clean" (reset) configuration.


Can confirm that there is an issue with the restore functionality.

When I restore my configuration I can't login anymore (luci). The device always claims that the password isn't correct. A factory reset before a restore eliminates the problem.

By the way: After a factory reset not all the software installed additionally is removed. So if you want to have it really clean you have to reflash the software. Feature or bug?

Also noticed that after a config restore and after a change in the configuration afterwards the Luci web interface constantly claims about unsaved changes. Seems like a big mess here.

TP-Link TL-WA860RE v1
Atheros AR9341 rev 3
OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-18.228.31946-f64b152)