[Solved] Looking for page in new Wiki

I'm looking for this hardware page in the new wiki, can anyone assist?


That page (on the "old" wiki) opened for me, although very slowly.

Please write back if you cannot open it after trying again.

Thanks, I know (as I provided the link).

I'm interested if the page will be moved to the new WIki, and if so, what is the new URL.

Oh dear. I read too quickly - my apologies.

The Adding Devices to ToH page describes the process for adding a device to the Table of Hardware. It hinges on the Criteria for Adding a New Device. Once those are satisfied, it's pretty straightforward.

(In your case, the ToH doesn't have a Zinwell manufacturer to choose from. You'll need to write to @tmomas who will add it when you're ready.)

[...some magic later...] Here it is: https://openwrt.org/toh/zinwell/zw4400

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