[Solved] Looking for luci-app-openvpn logs

Hi all,

Really basic question, but my search-fu seems to have failed me both on the wiki and here. I'm trying to troubleshoot setting up an OpenVPN server via luci-app-openvpn, and am unable to figure out where this stuff is logged.

I have what I believe to be a sane configuration, including all the crypto and relevant options. When I click on the "start" button for my config, the page reloads, but the status does not change, and no error message is shown. The wiki doesn't really run through how to do a server set up via LuCI, so I'm trying to figure out what the the failure condition is so that I can fix it.

I've looked in dmesg and the syslog, but haven't found anything useful there. Are there other logs that I'm missing? Is there a luci-logging package or something of the sort?

Note, I have already successfully set up the server through the CLI, so this is more of a curiosity question. I would like to admin the VPN server via a GUI if possible, but I have enough experience with OpenVPN that it's by no means a blocker.

Run logread ; logread -f during your attempts, OpenVPN should log to that general system ringbuffer for its needs.

That got it. FWIW, this /was/ getting logged to the syslog, I'm guessing I just missed it due to the other entries flying by during general setup activities.


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