[SOLVED] Logread broken on 18.06.0

hi guys,

i think logread is broken on 18.06.0.

ps w
4644 root      1296 S    /sbin/logd -S 128
 4645 root      1352 S    /sbin/logread -f -F /tmp/system.log -p /var/run/logread.1.pid -S 128
 4646 root      1352 S    /sbin/logread -f -h support-test-5 -r 10514 -p /var/run/logread.2.pid -u -P support-test-5|

this seems to be good, but nothing come to our graylog.

the error is :

 /etc/init.d/log restart
Failed to find log object: Not found

this doesn't work on rc2 too

any information about this error ? patch maybe ?

If you're refering to running the command logread outputs the log, and /etc/init.d/log displays options.

Works for me on 18.06.0.

Are you running a custom firmware?

yes, i'm on a custom build.

I want to send my log to a graylog server over UDP, everythings works fine on 17.01.4

so... i don't understand why, but new compilation and it works... maybe a bad clean / distclean.

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