[SOLVED] Local RDP connectivity on TP-Link Archer C7 v2

I've installed LEDE on my Archer C7, configured my ISP settings and local WiFi.
Also, I've added some other configurations from here (except for adding a new user and setting DNS crypt). Now, I have a Rasberry at home that acts as media center. The issue I've been struggling with is connecting to Rasberry PI via RDP, as, even though I'm trying to connect to its specific IP, I get no results. I know If I want to connect to it from an external source, I need to add it in the port forwarding section, however, I only want to connect to it from the local network. Are there some kind of default settings which prohibit local RDP connection? (my PC has a wired connection to the router, whereas PI has wireless)
Thanks in advance.

PS: I've been able to connect to PI when the stock firmware was set on the router.

It seems like a Rasberry Pi restart solved the issue...