[SOLVED] libubox PKG_MIRROR_HASH error, fail to build images for 18.06.0

I tried to build images for ar71xx/tiny devices, and I found some problems confusing
When I execute:
make download
I noticed that libubox failed to download due to hash mismatch, I ignored it and continued compiling. When the images are ready, I found the kernel version I had is different from that of released images.
I used 'config.seed' from the 18.06.0 releases with a little modification (disable 'usbip' since it won't compile) and did not change any kernel settings. Why this happened and what should I do?
BTW, someone has already put this on https://bugs.openwrt.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=1707

You need to isntall all kmods from all feeds as well to get a matching kernel config checksum

Do I have to compile these kmods marked as module?
Also, what's the fix to the mismatch PKG_MIRROR_HASH?

Update: OK, now I have the right kernel config checksum

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