[Solved]Is it safe to change /lib/preinit/00_preinit.conf

I want to change the lan ip before installation-setup at /lib/preinit/00_preinit.conf for the device to be accessible in the current lan subnet.
from pi_ip="" to pi_ip=""
Is this safe or this would experience setup issues?

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You can do that.
But note that as the preinit is handled really early, before the overlay is enabled, changes need to be made to the source before the firmware was compiled. (changes done to that file in a live system will have no significance, as those change would be in the overlay that gets enabled later)

Note that this "preinit IP" will have value practically only for the failsafe environment.
The normal LAN IP is handled differently, when the uci config is generated.

Note that you can also set that preinit IP with a config option at build time:

But again, I am not sure if this preinit IP is what you actually want to change.

If you want to change the default IP address for LAN, the place for the change would be in:

(In a live router that is /bin/config_generate )

Thank you, this was really quick

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