[solved] Importing only changed config files, viable?

I just completed my first OpenWrt install, and super happy with it.
Now I was thinking, it might be a good idea to export the config from LuCi, make a github repository from the files that I've customized (Without secrets of course).

Then whenever I want to re-install, or set up another router I could just clone my repository, fill in all the secrets, make a tar.gz and import it.

My question now is, as long as I keep my customized files in the same locations i.e /etc/config/....
Will it be a problem if I import this through LuCi, without ALL of the other files that are usually in a backup?

I.E: Only the config files, hotplug and so forth.

My hope is that LuCi would just overwrite the files I'm importing, and not touch the rest. Or will I get into trouble doing it this way?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is possible to restore only specific files if you preserve the backup archive structure and format as well as file ownership and access permissions.


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