[solved] Identifying streaming protocol


I'm using the ZDF app on my Android TV Mibox 3S and I noticed that in the last couple of days it pauses quite often for buffering and occasionally stops completely. YouTube seems to play just fine but in my setup it goes via he.net IPV6 tunnel so I'm not sure I can compare. Somehow I don't think ZDF is already on IPV6, at least I couldn't find any information on this aspect.

How do I go about finding out what protocol / port / host it is being used?

I thought about iftop but I find it hard to read. The way Android TV works, it should have one connection or two with significant activity and the rest open but dormant.

  • Tcpdump the traffic from the phone; or
  • Use an app like Netstat Plus

@lleachii uhm, why the phone? The app only sees the traffic from the phone itself and this is another host.
That's why I thought about intercepting it on the router.

I'll try tcpdump next, thanks :slight_smile:

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Huh, who mentioned a phone?

You install the app on the Android TV.

You did :slight_smile:

I'm not sure I can install this app on the mibox itself, from the looks of it this isn't an Android-TV compatible app (TLDR yes, the "TV" variant of Android has a smaller playstore)

tcpdump it is, then.

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LOL, OOPS. :blush:

Correction: TV.


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Ran tcpdump for a few seconds on the router, started playback on the mibox, copied the file over to the laptop and had a look with Wireshark.

Nope, my theory that perhpas the app was using IPV6 and thus potentially suffering from a bottleneck there does not hold water: it goes to Akamai on TCP/IPV4 on port 443.

Back to square 1 and hoping it doesn't do it too often :stuck_out_tongue:

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