[Solved] I can't start mwan3 service

I have a TP LINK WR940N V4, i´m trying to start my mwan3 service but I have the following error:

root@OpenWrt:~# mwan3 status
Interface status:
 interface wan is offline and tracking is down
 interface wan2 is offline and tracking is down

Current ipv4 policies:

Current ipv6 policies:

Directly connected ipv4 networks:

Directly connected ipv6 networks:

Active ipv4 user rules:

Active ipv6 user rules:

root@OpenWrt:~# mwan3 start
Warning: mwan3 is global disabled. Usage: /etc/init.d/mwan3 start
root@OpenWrt:~#/etc/init.d/mwan3 start
/sbin/uci: Invalid argument
Warning: mwan3 is global disabled. Usage: /etc/init.d/mwan3 start

cat /etc/init.d/mwan3:

root@OpenWrt:~# cat /etc/init.d/mwan3 start
    #!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common


reload() {
        local enabled

        config_load mwan3
        config_get_bool enabled globals 'enabled' 0
        [ ${enabled} -gt 0 ] || {
                echo "Warning: mwan3 is global disabled. Usage: /etc/init.d/mwan3 start"
                exit 0
        mwan3 restart

boot() {
        . /lib/config/uci.sh
        uci_toggle_state mwan3 globals enabled "1"

start() {
        . /lib/config/uci.sh
        uci_toggle_state mwan3 globals enabled "1"
        mwan3 start

stop() {
        . /lib/config/uci.sh
        uci_toggle_state mwan3 globals enabled "0"
        mwan3 stop

My another settings are perfectly configured, the image has been made by myself.

(I have the last firmware and package versions, with the mwan3 new dependence ip-full included)

There is a missing couple of lines in /etc/config/mwan3
Add the lines:
config globals 'globals'
option enabled '1'

It should then start up OK.
I have done a pull request to fix this.

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Niceeeee! it's working perfect now, thanks for your help dude!!!

Hi Marcelo.
What version exactly are you using? did you experienced any further problems so far?, what is exactly the name of that "new dependency" that you mention early called 'ip-full' and what is for?.


Hi bro, I'm using OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r6305-8f24653; I already solve my problem:

-In first place, doing my own research, I compiled my OS again with ip-full dependency installed, It are allocated on network, same place as mwan3 package. I don't know what exactly ip-full does, but It works for me, on that time I found some info on the next topic: https://github.com/openwrt/packages/issues/5022.

-I also had to enable IPv6 for my build

-On the last step a guy from this forum helped me, I just have to include two lines at the top of the mwan3 config file:

config globals 'globals'
option enabled '1'

Since I did all these changes 4 months ago my mwan3 it's working perfectly!

Thanks for answering :slight_smile: