[Solved] How to setup telnetd for calibration test tool?


We have ordered a batch of custom routers at Winstar. Also we have a custom OpenWRT firmware that should be flashed to this routers at the factory production line.

At factory they using some wifi calibration test tool. To meet requirements of this tool we need to do 2 steps:

  1. Turn on the corresponding compilation option in the WIFI driver, choose “Flash Mode Support”/”QA support”/”ATE support”/ “ATE/QA Support”.

This is successfully done via "make kernel_menuconfig".

  1. Turn on telnet, as WIFI production test calibration tool is through telnet’s interface to send orders and get corresponding result. So need to open telnet default. If there is request for login name and password, need to let us know.

And there is a problem.

In our custom OpenWRT firmware we added to /etc/rc.local a line: "telnetd -l /bin/ash"
So, after router boot there is telnet running and we can successfully connect to router.

But manager from factory send us next reply:

"Telnet is ok, however our production test will read "#" directly, but your FW return is / #. our Production test FW is not compatible with this part, so it can't read relatived result. Command prompt is assigned in busybox ash of linux, openwrt should be in busybox, but we don;t know in which version of the shell. You need check it by yourself"

And he can't explain how to do this. And I even don't understand what mean his words:

"our production test will read "#" directly, but your FW return is / #"

I know that "#" means that shell is running by root user and "/" is filesystem root, but what mean "our production test will read "#" directly"?

Did anyone have encountered with this? How to set up telnetd to meet requirements of calibration test tool?

I guess you just need to adjust the prompt string.

I think
PS1="#" telnetd -l /bin/ash
will do

Thanks a lot!
PS1="#" telnetd -l /bin/ash solves this

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